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Our first introduction to VB Homes was late in 2017 when we were looking at homes. A friend suggest we check out Sugar Loaf Mountain Estates in Ravensdale. We checked the internet listings and the house at 31615 SE 283rd CT jumped off the page at us. It looked beautiful, was a rambler, and on approximately 3 acres which met our initial criteria. We scheduled an appointment and viewed the house. We were really impressed with how the inside was finished, it was evidence there was a lot of attention to detail taken. An example is the molding at the bottom of the mop board where there is hard wood floors. That really trims out the rooms and we had never seen anything like that before. The colors, finishes, and appliances reminded us of houses we had looked at on Mercer Island. We had the house inspected before finalizing the purchase and the inspector told us it was one of the best built houses he had seen.

We met Jeremy after we had made an initial offer on the house and were negotiating upgrades we wanted. He was a breath of fresh air compared to a few builders we had met. Very open, courteous, and friendly. He worked with us to get the upgrades we wanted and has continued to support use during the warranty period. He always goes above and beyond what we are asking. I would recommend VB Homes and Jeremy to anyone that wants a very solid, well built, and beautiful home.

Sincerely, Russ and Sue